honey, lemon, biological from Calabria

all good, all natural

It’s that time again. In Calabria they are preparing to harvest the great clementine and lemons, oranges and other fruits. And the honey is absolutely delicious, as always. Producing honey has been more difficult this year because the bees were not able to produce the amount they did in past years. All because of the weather. Nevertheless, the produce is 100% natural. No pesticides, wax or any other artificial addition to keep things ‘safe’ as they say.

The picture with this post is also about the first lemon harvest. The skin is greenish still and the peel is relatively thin. These lemons are great to create good Limoncello with a slight ‘bitter’ in the taste. Pretty soon the clementines will be available too!

The honey that we get from our friends in Italy is very healthy. The chestnut honey is an acquired taste for some but believe us, you can feel the power. The citrus based honey is mild and has a slight acidity that resembles, of course, clementines and the other fruits. It’s a real reviving honey, fresh and light. The eucalyptus honey is a refreshing healthy spirit that really picks you up in these autumn days.

We really love honey and we are crazy about supporting bees and beekeeper projects. We are always on the lookout for funding partners and other supporters. Check here: http://fundabee.com

If you would like to get some of this honey or the clementines, lemons, saffron and other biological produce, just send us a message. 

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