lovely haloumi eggplant salad

healthy salad with a bite

I promised to also post some pictures with the recipe attached. This salad (tasted great by the way) its made of haloumi, eggplant and rucola. As main ingredients. This is what you need for one person:

– two ‘hands’ of rucola / rocket salad
– haloumi, just take as much as you want to eat
– 1 small eggplant
– sesame seeds
– low acidity olive oil (greek or italian)
– apple cider vinegar
– sweet honey (clover or other flowers)
– salt flakes (fleur de sel)
– black pepper

Cut the eggplant in 4 pieces lengthwise. Then bake it or put under the grill. If you bake it please use less expensive olive oil, don’t use the low acidity one. Then cut the haloumi in cubes and bake them till golden brown. Season with salt flakes and black pepper.

Tos the rucola with low acidity oil, honey, the vinegar and sesame seeds (after roasting them a bit, not to much >>> bitter). Do it to your taste, trust your gut when you cook, don’t look in the book 😉

When the eggplant and haloumi are cooled cut the eggplant in edible pieces and dress your plate. You could drizzle with lemon if you are a acidity lover 😉

Go for it! Its healthy!

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