lemon preserve

lemons in a jar

After a hard days work doing absolutely nothing, except a massive amount of dishes in the kitchen (decided not to replace the broken dishwasher and reuse as much of the water possible), I started to get the bio lemons I got from our friends in la Campagna in Italy from the box and preserve them.

Get some good jars. Weck is a perfect brand. Clean the untreated lemons with a dry towel that has no lint. Cut the tips on both sides of the lemon, then cut them in four in length but not al the way to the bottom. You want to open them like a flower. Put in a tablespoon of salt in the middle of the ‘flower’ and rub the parts a bit (use spoon, not hands).

Put a tablespoon in the bottom of the jar, put the lemon in squeezing the four parts together. The juice will flow out. Put salt on top and repeat till just below the rim of the jar. Cook water and let it cool. Fill it up till the rim. Put the rubber and lid on and seal it airtight. Clips on and keep the jars in the dark for a month (light is bad for the lemons). turn the jars every now and then.

After a month or so you can start using it in all sorts of dishes. Northern African cuisine, salads, Italian food, with olives, and much, much more delights …

Enjoy 😉



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