mini ndundari with green baby asparagus and butter sauce

not so easy

Foodography is so… not easy. Now I never said it is but when you are working with it, your own thinking creates the problems mostly. In what light to put something, am I doing this well? Do I have the right camera, the right flashlight, the right aperture, etcetera. It can drive you nuts. The good thing here is that ‘not easy’ makes you work. And with work done the spoils can be very rewarding. LoL

Like this fantastic dish I cooked up yesterday. I call the dumplings Mini Ndundari. So this meal here is the ‘Mini Ndundari and their buttery Asparagus friends’. Such a delicious meal. For those who like it I will post the recipe soon. Its handmade ndundari, green baby asparagus, real butter, parmigiano reggiano, stem (green) and peel of really fresh garlic, black pepper, fleur de sel, good olive oil…

The girls were totally happy with it, which makes the cook a happy guy too. 🙂

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