smoked mozzarella

I don’t know if you ever had the pleasure of tasting smoked mozzarella? If you ever come across a good deli or cheese affineur you should ask for it. I can imagine that a discussion might rise between the depicted ‘dry’ version and the ‘wet’ mozzarella. In that case I would choose the wet version without thinking. Nevertheless, smoked mozzarella is a fantastic product and if you have a cheese – binge like we have with friends you should definitely take this one and add it to the list of good stuff to taste. We had a variety of cheeses last time and I have to say that smoked mozzarella is not to everybody’s liking but that simply makes it more special in my opinion.

Match: good fresh (not cold) tomato, basil leaf and drops of fine extra vergine olive oil and a touch of ‘fleur de sel’

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